Applications for the 9th international conference

Applications are open for the 9th international conference „Contemporary achievements in construction“, an event of exceptional importance that will bring together top scientists and experts in the field of construction. This conference is a valuable opportunity to explore, discuss and share the latest developments, challenges and discoveries in the dynamic world of the construction industry.

The 9th international conference provides a dynamic platform for researchers and practitioners to share their experiences, exchange ideas and together shape the future of construction.

This journey through the latest developments will cover topics such as construction techniques, transport systems, environmental sustainability and urban planning. We invite all interested parties to join, engage and contribute to the development of the construction industry through active participation in this event. The conference will not only be a source of the latest information, but also a space to build a common narrative of innovation and progress in this dynamic field.

If you want your work to be presented at such an elite event, apply here.

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