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Journal of Faculty of Civil Engineering is a scientific journal that publishes: original scientific papers, review papers, announcements, and scientific critics, within the following fields:

  • Civil Enginering (experimental and theoretical analysis of structures, assessment, maintenance and repair of structures, bridges, tunnels and roads, contemporary methods in design and construction, contemporary construction materials, “green constructionʺ and energy efficiency in construction, disaster risk management and fire safety, project management in construction, hydrology, hydraulics, wastewater treatment, municipal hydrotechnics, groundwater, irrigation, drainage, geotechnical engineering, other topics in the field of civil engineering),
  • Geodesy/Surveying (reference systems and reference networks, physical and mathematical geodesy, satellite geodesy and geodetic astronomy, geoinformatics and geoinformation systems, photogrammetry and remote sensing, cadastre and land consolidation), and
  • Architecture (housing, theory, philosophy and methodology in architectural design, history of architecture, urban design, the linkages and interactions between the architecture/urban planning and archeology, sociology, ethnology, anthropology, ecology, natural resources, and climate changes).
All articles are double-blind peer reviewed, providing objective estimations of each published paper.
Also, we support young scientists by publishing students research conducted within their master and doctoral theses.

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Announcment to Authors

From No. 43, scheduled for June 2023, Journal of Faculty of Civil Engineering publishes articles only in English, introducing a new template.

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