University of Novi Sad


22 - 23 April 2021

Conference Topics

  • Building Structures and Materials
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
  • Experimental and Theoretical Structure Analysis
  • Research, Design and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure and Geotechnical Structures
  • Research, Design and Construction of Hydrotechnical Structures
  • Architecture and Urban Design and Planning
  • Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency
  • Organization and Management in Civil Engineering
  • Evaluation, Repair and Maintenance of the Civil Engineering Structures
  • Geodesy

Manuscript Preparation and Acceptance

The Conference Board shall select incoming manuscripts for the proceedings according to their contents, quality and relevance.
Manuscript must comply strictly with the attached guidelines and be submitted electronically in MS Word format (via email or on a CD).

Conference Aims

The success of the 2014 Conference in honor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Subotica 40th anniversary was an inspiration for a new International Conference.
Over past 20 years Serbian economy, especially in civil engineering domain, has fallen behind that of the developed countries. Thus, there is a growing need to sum up the existing civil engineering accomplishments. This shall concern an array of results achieved with respect to planning, contemporary theory and numerical treatment application, analysis and design methodologies, practical civil engineering, and technical regulations and standards.
The Conference organizers hope for civil engineering experts and professionals as well as others interested in the topic, such as architects, town planners, surveying, geological, mechanical and electrical engineers, to come together to exchange their scientific and other important information.
The Conference should point out to the main scientific and professional developmental directions that would meet conditions and needs at this stage of building our country. Moreover, the Conference shall be an opportunity to discuss current regulations and standards and whether these should be harmonized with the latest Euro Codes applied in the EU member states. The Conference is expected to bring together engineering researchers and experts, respectable institutions and enterprise representatives, all of whom may be interested in the exchange of scientific and professional information and experience. The Conference shall be an opportunity to actualize cooperation with neighbor Universities: Timisoara, Brasov, Osijek and Slavonski Brod.

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Important Dates/Deadlines

Abstract Submission: 15th February 2021
Paper Submission: 28th February 2021
Author Revise: 20th March 2021
Final Acceptance Of Papers: 30th March 2021
Attendance Registration: 5th April 2021


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research
University of Novi Sad
Engineering Chamber of Serbia
City of Subotica

Media Coverage

  • Radio Television of Vojvodina
  • RTV Yu Eco