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САВРЕМЕНА ДОСТИГНУЋА У ГРАЂЕВИНАРСТВУ 2018 , 2018.год., стр. 695-705

DOI: 10.14415/konferencijaGFS2018.068
UDK: 332.262:347.232
CC-BY-SA 4.0 license
Аутор : Nataroš, Gordana
 In the process of restitution of confiscated property of the former owner, initiated at the request of legal successors, on the basis of case file and all evidence provided, when it comes to the fact that the procedure of land consolidation was carried out on the land parcels in question, these are the issues which require expert knowledge in the field of geodesy. At the request of the claimant, Agency for Restitution orders in the Conclusion the expertise in an administrative matter through a court expert in the field of geodesy. The expert's task is to identify, on the basis of complete files, the numbers and areas that were taken away from the former owner. When it is determined under what numbers and which area of the identified parcels entered the consolidation mass and what is the total number of value units, the expert proposes the parcels obtained from the consolidation mass according to the principle of land consolidation. The calculation factor of the cadastral class and the coefficient of reduction for the road and canal network are taken into account. Parcels are approximated. The entire procedure is done according to the Technical Instructions for performing geodetic-technical works in the procedure of land restitution which is an integral part of the Regulation for the implementation of the Law on the manner and conditions for the recognition of rights and the return of land transformed into social property based on the agricultural land fund and confiscation due to unfulfilled obligations from mandatory purchase of agricultural products ("Official Gazette of RS" No. 41/1991 and 4/1992).
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 Restitution, Consolidation, Cadastre, Parcel, Expertise