Art is an integrated component of every aspect of our life.

Engineering profession is one of the components responsible to fulfill these

requirements, particularly for our built environment.

Most curriculums in engineering schools around the world are primarily based on

technical aspect of with very little or no information about the art. The message

from Industry is that for the future graduates professional knowledge will not be

enough to face the challenges of the future.

They will need to have many additional skills such as:
ability to work in multi disciplinary and multi cultural teams, life-long learning skills,

written, oral and visual communication skills, managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills

and many others.

Engagement with art and artists is an excellent tool to develop in students lateral

way of thinking, “thinking out of the box” and to bust their creativity and innovation

and make them leaders of the new age and help them to better cooperate with

neighboring disciplines such as industrial design, architecture, art and similar.