G l o b a l W a r m i n g


What is Global Warming?

Why is This so Important?

What Are the Causes?


What Is Done About It?

What Can We Do?




What is global warming?


 Global warming is something everybody on this earth should be worried about and should be doing something about. It presents increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere and ocean.



Why is this so important?


Because  it is directly associated with life on earth and our  negligence lead to the destruction of life on earth. If we don’t take something about it, species on our planet will disappear.


What cause global warming?



        Pollution from factories, burning of coal, vehicles, water vapor,  CO2 from rotting trees and many other things that we can reduce. The biggest polluter on planet Earth is China. After China, it is India, United States, Japan, Europe Union countries.
















What are the consequences?



        As we can see, Global average temperature is rise up for whole one degree Celsius for last 150 years and is predictions are that temperature is going to rise up for 5 degrees in next     . Also sea level was increase for 22 cm for that period, and snow-cover was decreased from 38 to 35 km3







The Greenhouse effects?




It is phenomenon which not allows heat from sun to go out to space. It is caused by harmful gases called “Greenhouse” gases such as carbon dioxide 56%, methan 18% and many other… It is important to know that all these gases are produced by human activities.

        And there are ozone holes… What are Ozone holes and how they appear?


Ozone holes are places in Earth’s atmosphere where is ozone layer disappear or it is seriously damaged. These places are abowe South and North pole, and they are also produced by human activity.


What is done about it?


The first summit about climate changes in Kyoto, Japan and there is adopted The first Protocol.



The second summit was in Copenhagen, Denmark and there is predicted that all countries, submit a written plan for reducing emission of CO2 until January 2010th year.  Also, all countries signed Plan that provides annual assistance  of 100 billion dollars for developing countries.



What can we do?



We can cutting down less trees and planting more, recycling goods, walking and most important we can use alternative energy!  Each of us can contribute to reducing Global warming doing some little things. If we use fluorescent bulbs, cars with eco-filters and hybrid engines, public transportation and if we take care how we wash dishes and clothes we can reduce large amounts of carbon-dioxide.

Cutting down less trees and planting more


























At the End, as conclusion of this topic . . .


Is that GLOBAL WARMING is one of the most crucial topic on the world

One of many kinds of climate change that the Earth has gone through in the past and will continue to go through in the future


Time is running out...




Save our planet!




By   Branislav Vuković

         Stojanka Radulovic