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This course was supported by WUS Austria - Brain Gain Program. The course coordinator was Dr Ruza Ostrogonac from The University of Western Australia. It was done in the winter term 2003.

Duration: Three weeks
Field: Engineering graphics
Subject: Visual communications in engineering, computer graphics, freehand drawing, Technical Drawing Standards, basics of Descriptive Geometry.
- The transition process from a traditional engineering graphics courses, Descriptive Geometry and Manual Technical Drafting, to a more contemporary curriculum of visual communications in engineering such as multi-disciplinary collaboration of the whole range of graphical expressions: computer graphics, engineering freehand sketching, technical illustrations, diagrams, photography, movies.
- To prepare students adequately for the engineering workplace locally and globally.
    During the course students had lectures, tutorials and labs. There were six team projects:five VISUAL DIARIES and one AutoCAD. In their projects students used AutoCAD, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ArchiCad, freehand drawings, photos and movies. At the end of projects they gave oral presentations.