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Dr Karolj Kasaš

Profesor of Civil Engineering Materials  

Kozaračka 2a, 24000 Subotica
Tel. +381/24-554-300, Fax: +381/24-554-580
E-mail: kkasas@gf.uns.ac.rs

  Curriculum Vitae
Karolj K. Kasaš Ph.D., Professor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica, University of Novi Sad, was born on December 25, 1954 in Kanjiža. Upon completion of high school in Senta in 1973, he enrolled the Faculty of Technology, University in Novi Sad, where he graduated at the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1978 with distinction (grade point average 8.72.). At the same faculty he defended his M.Sc. thesis “Study supplement for the preparation of silt for production of ceramic tiles from lower quality clay types using dry process” in 1986 and in 1993 his Ph.D. dissertation “Effect of Non-homogeneous Packaging of a Dispersive Compound on Properties of Ceramic Materials”.
For the purpose of professional and scientific advancement in the field of Materials science and to acquire specialized education, he took part in study tours in the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, France, Austria, Ukraine and Russia. He fluently speaks, reads and writes Hungarian, Serbian, German and English, also uses Italian and Russian.
He is Hungarian by nationality, married, and father of two children.
Professor Kasaš’s field of scientific and professional interest are: Materials science, Construction materials, Ceramic powders and Textural properties of ceramics. He is also the author/co-author of 108 scientific and 43 projects-professional papers, the author of one and co-author of four monographs, and the co-editor of one monographs. He participated in two research projects, and as a consultant or a member of project teams in 6 economy related projects and one study. He is also the co-author of the patent “Construction of great span mezzanine ceilings, particularly in the construction of public facilities and residential houses”, registered both in Serbia and abroad.
  Professional achievements
• Chief of the production plant “CREPANA I”, OOUR “Potisje” Kanjiža (1979-1980);
• Expert-associate, FIM, Kanjiža (1980-1982); manager of the IFK “KERAMIKA” Kanjiža (1982-1987); Assistant to General Manager of GIK “KANJIŽA” Kanjiža (1987-1989);
• Acting Manager of the OOUR “POTISJE” KANJIŽA (1989-1990);
• General Manager of the “POTISJE KANJIŽA”s.c. Kanjiža (1990-1991);
• General Manager of the “POTISJE KANJIŽA” Kanjiža (1991-2000);
• Advisor to General Menager of the “POTISJE KANJIŽA” Kanjiža (2000-2005)
• Elected for Executive leader of the expert team in charge of “Dry clay production” investment realization in A.D. POTISJE-KANJIŽA ( 2003-2005).
  Teaching activities
During the period 1979-1989 he was a part-time lecturer at:
• the Workers' University in Kanjiža
• Secondary technical school in Kanjiža (specific subjects concerning production of coarse and fine ceramics and hydro isolation).
• In 1995 he was elected the assistant professor, in 1998 the part-time professor for the subject, in 2003 full professor for the subject “Building materials”.
• Since 1999 to 2001 he has been the Head of the Chair for Constructions and Materials at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica.
• Since October 2005, employed as full time professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica, University of Novi Sad,
  Professor Kasaš is a member of numerous scientific and professional associations
• Full Member of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia,
• Full Member of the Balkan Academy of Sciences for Mineral Technologies,
• Full member of the International Technology and Management Academy,
• Member of the Society of Hungarian Scientists and Scholars”.
• Serbian Chemistry Society,
• Management board of “SIG” association Belgrade,
• German Ceramics Society (Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft),
• European Ceramic Society,
• Scientific Society of Silicate Industry of Hungary (Magyar Szilikátipari Tudományos Egyesület),
• Scientific Council of the Department of computer technology application at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade,
• Association of Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia,
• Member of the “ECOLOGICA” Society, Belgrade,
• Technology expert for “Lloyd R.Q.A” company from Great Britain,
• Member of the Hungarian Scientific Society of Vojvodina,
• Member of the Hungarian Society of Engineers and Architects of Vojvodina,
• Member of the Management Board of the publishing Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica,
  Presidency and memberships
• Vice-president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Subotica,
• President of the Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica, University of Novi Sad
• Head of the Dept. of Structures and Materials at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica,
• President of the Permanent Scientific Committee of KoMSEKO,
• Member of the Management Board of DIMKS ( Society for Materials and Construction Testing of Sebia).
• Member of the Organizational Board of the scientific assembly “Triad SYNTHESIS-STRUCTURE-PROPERTIES - the basis of new materials technology”,
• Associate of scientific research programs of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies in Belgrade (Materials science and technology field),
• Delegate in the Assembly and Congress of the European Society of Brick Industry TBE,
• Vice-president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Subotica,
• Member of the Management Board of the publishing Council of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica.
  Previous presidency and memberships
• President of the Management Board of the Holding Corporation “FORUM”, Novi Sad,
• Member of several Boards and commissions of Chamber of Economy of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Chamber of Economy of Serbia and Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina,
• Member of the Management Board of Panonska Banka, s.c. Novi Sad,
• Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “ACTA PERIODICA TECHNOLOGICA” of the Faculty of Technology - University of Novi Sad,
• Meritorious member of JUDIMK
• Standing consultant for problem solving in the field of industry for “DDOR NOVI SAD” Novi Sad.
• Member of the University Council of the University of Novi Sad,
• Member of the Expert Committee in the field of Engineering Technology Sciences of the Novi Sad University Senate,
• Member of the Statutory Commission of the Novi Sad University Council.

He was a representative in the Parliament of Serbia, a representative in the Council of Republics of the Federal Parliament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He obtained a number of prizes for the results achieved in economy, science and social:
• November Award of the University of Novi Sad for outstanding results achieved during studies (two awards),
• Golden Plaque of Kanjiža Municipal Assembly,
• Golden Badge of of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Subotica
• Plaque of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina - for significant business achievements in Vojvodina for the year 1998,
• “Prof. dr Branislav Milovanović” Plaque for outstanding achievements in 1998,
• Golden medal at the First Innovations Olympics GENIUS 98 in Budapest, winner of the prizes for the large-span mezzanine construction according to the system “Potisje M&K”:
• Golden medal “Nikola Tesla” - Society of Innovators of the City of Belgrade,
• Special recognition of the Architecture Salon - Novi Sad ’98,
• Decoration of labour for special contribution and outstanding results.
• Winner of the “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević“Prize for best innovation,
• Elected as honorary member of DIMK of Serbia

Under his leadership, Potisje Kanjiža S.C., Industry for production of construction materials was awarded several prizes and awards by professional juries at fairs in Belgrade and Novi Sad
• for quality,
• new products and groups of new products,
• for permanent development of new products,
• overall fair presentations in the country and abroad,
• The Labour Day plaque of the Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina,
• Numerous recognitions and awards by professional, scientific, economic, religious, sports and other social entities and associations.

He was, and still is very active in sports and social organizations. He is judo master (5-th DAN), also, he is the Charter President of the “Kanjiža-Magyarkanizsa” Rotary Club.

Specify the most important scientific papers of Prof. Karolj Kasaš Ph.D.

Kasas, Karolj patents in Australia - The filing date for this patent is 22/07/1998. The specific patent currently associated with this applicant is:

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A great-span intermediate floor construction, particularly for building of public and residence structures




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